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Seeding the Future - Feather Smith Trevino (Osiyo TV - Season 6)

A Moment To Sparkle - Sophie Duch (Osiyo TV - Season 6)

Early Contact - Cherokee Almanac (Osiyo TV - Season 6)


Watch the currently unreleased short film "Totsu(Redbird)". Directed by Jeremy Charles and produced by FireThief, Totsu(Redbird) is a multi-award-winning short and one of the first projects we cut for FireThief. 

This link is private and by invite only. Enjoy. 

New Short | Coming soon


A short film | A reel

Working on finishing a short film I wrote in 2020, which will also serve as my up-to-date "editor reel". A one of a kind film, so stay tuned for that!



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