Part short film. Part editor reel. An editor struggles to see the line between his reality and his edits.


Watch the currently unreleased short film "Totsu(Redbird)". Directed by Jeremy Charles and produced by FireThief, Totsu(Redbird) is a multi-award-winning short and one of the first projects I cut for FireThief.  Still one of my favorites. 

This link is private/hidden and by invite only. Enjoy. 


Greenwood Rising  is a ONEGas sponsored production, that I had the honor of cutting. Produced by Adam Murphy Photography and Scrambler Creative.  D.O.P. Charles Elmore

Proof of Work / Various Cuts  

Seeding the Future - Feather Smith Trevino (Osiyo TV - Season 6)

A Moment To Sparkle - Sophie Duch (Osiyo TV - Season 6)

Early Contact - Cherokee Almanac (Osiyo TV - Season 6)


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